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Big Squaw Ski Resort

Big Squaw Mountain


Welcome friends! This is the start of a new life for the mountain we all know and love, Squaw Mountain! Many things have happened in the years past but that is about to change, and rapidly! I hope you will join us in this celebration and give us (and the mountain) the support we need! For those of you unfamiliar with the recent changes, I will fill you in. Basically a group of fellow skiers and snowboarders decided the mountain needed some good ol’ TLC! So they put their heads together and said “Hey! Why not start a group to raise donations and support to get the mountain back on top!” So they did just that. That brings us to The Friends of Squaw Mountain, as they are known on Facebook. The FOSM elected a board of directors, as well as officers, and set off on their quest to conquer Squaw. With a few bumps in the road, their mission was becoming more and more successful each and every day! They were able to clean up and gut out the lower lodge; repaint what needed to be; acquire donations of all sorts from supportive businesses and residents (from Greenville as well as surrounding towns!); get the lift up and running; raise enough donations to rent a groomer; host TWO successful dinners with live entertainment; and most of all, they were able to boost the spirits of the town and bring back the love and excitement the mountain once bestowed upon us! They have become infamous online as well as in the press (some 20 or so likes away from 3000 on Facebook!). There are numerous daily updates about events, opening dates and times, progress, and much more on Facebook as well. The enthusiasm and support are running wild!

The journey as not been without challenges, however. There was a hiccup with the lift, but was soon overcome. And just as one setback was overcome, another quickly followed- the weather. Everything was all set to go- volunteers and new employees ready to work, the kitchen ready to prepare delicious snacks for hungry skiers, the lift ready, and trails groomed..well they were. That was until we hit a drastic change in temperature. From below 0 to in the 40′s/50′s the snow began to disappear (Noo! Come back!) Fortunately, we were able to open on a Sunday for the Mogul Mites (a program put together by the FOSM and their volunteers to instruct the little ones how to ski!). There was a great turn out- about 35 kids plus their parents! And just like that our spirits were back! With our T.V’s fixed on the weather channel, our ears at attention, and our fingers, toes and whatever else we could cross crossed, we patiently waited for some good news. News about a huge snow storm that would get the game rolling. And in a not so neatly wrapped gift, our wishes were granted! (Thanks Mr. Weather-man!) We are currently experiencing blizzard conditions! Just what we wanted (well minus all the wind that created giant drifts)! So with the trails groomed, the ski shop prepped, and employees and volunteers eagerly awaiting your arrival, Squaw Mountain is OPEN FOR BUSINESS! (Thanks Governor for the slogan).

There you have it folks! The new story of Squaw Mountain thus far. The doors open bright and early tomorrow (February 10th, 2013) at 9am! So throw your gear in your truck (or car…or suv… or even a motorcycle as some ambitious people did today in North Conway, NH) and head on up to BEAUTIFUL SQUAW MOUNTAIN! We can’t wait to see you! Please check out The Friends of Squaw Mountain Facebook page and like us if you haven’t already! We never say no to more support!

And this is where I leave you, for now that is, all snug in our beds, with visions of beautiful ski slopes dancing in our heads! Lets hit the slopes!

Ski the view,

Lauren Fling