There are 27 open trails

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Big Squaw Ski Resort

Big Squaw Mountain

Lodge Sponsors

Lodge Sponsorship Form

** With a lodge sponsorship, a customized 1″x 3″ brass plaque is displayed in the lodge.

Black Diamond

Jim and Sophie Sevey

Steinke and Caruso
Dental Care

Frank Sabo
Sabo CPA P.C

Blue Square

The Rich Family
Kent, Robyn and Annie

The Leclairs
Rod-N-Reel Cafe
Downtown Greenville

In Loving Memory of
Joey Ouellette
January 11, 2011

MaKayla Goodrich

The Folsom Realty Group

Charlie Hogan
Juliet Kingsmill

Our home away from home.
Charlie, Minina, Johnny, Michael

Moosehead Lake Yacht Club

Green Circle

Anthony Puna

The Adrien Family
Leisure Life Resort

The Pratt Family

Rod-N-Reel Cafe
Downtown Greenville

Mike and Claudie Mirabito