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Big Squaw Ski Resort

Big Squaw Mountain

Facebook: November 09, 2016 at 05:25PM

Today transparency is more important that ever.

Last year, your generous support provided $145,838 in donations, lift ticket & season pass sales, rentals, lessons and fund raising events. Your money was pooled and we put it to work, the best way we possibly could. Together, we create the opportunity for us all to ski at our local mountain affordably. Here is the break down on where your money goes.

$55,714 Wages for Local Employees & Contractors
$25,000 Prinoth BR-350 Loan Payments
$24,307 Lift, Groomer & Lodge Repairs
$21,780 4 Used Snow Guns
$14,470 Liability, Grooomer & Lodge Insurance
$13,226 Payroll Taxes & Comp Insurance
$11,572 Utilities & Groomer Fuel
$ 9,717 Supplies for Ski Shop & Lodge
$ 3,315 Bank Charges & Legal Fees
$ 2,751 Advertising
$ 2,000 Surface (Pony) Lift
$ 1 Mountain Lease

$183,853 Total Expenses Last Year

Our current debt load as we start the 2016-2017 ski season is -$21,000, (specifically from our snowmaking improvements)

As we prepare for the 5th upcoming ski season, we rely on your support. Our mission continues to promote, preserve and protect the future of downhill skiing & racing at Big Squaw Mountain here at Moosehead Lake. Now, more than ever we strive to keep local and visiting families out on the snow at our beautiful, backyard mountain. Skiing brings out the best in people and the community. There is no better place and no better people than those that are found right here at Moosehead Lake!

We can not thank you enough as we look to the future.

Keeping the Dream Alive,

Amy Lane
Noel Wolforth
Rodney Folsom
Kevin Springer
Jennifer Goodrich

Friends of Squaw Mountain
PO Box 307
Greenville Jct, Maine 04442 via PayPal

*** Chair Sponsorships are up for renewal and due on December 1. Your banner will be in place for December 17, Opening Day***
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