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Big Squaw Ski Resort

Big Squaw Mountain

Facebook: December 13, 2016 at 06:46PM

As the seasons change and the temperatures fall, there is one thing on the minds and in the hearts of those of us who live and recreate here at Moosehead Lake, it’s ski season!!

The Friends of Squaw Mountain are diligently preparing to open the trails, the lift and the lodge for our 5th season. This is a labor of love and a passion we share to ensure that our kids, our families and our friends can join us on a mountain we love.

This is not a business. There is no town, county, state or federal funding. We rely on you, the Friends, businesses and organizations to help us maintain our quality of life here at Moosehead Lake. We need your help and support and can not do this without you. Squaw Mountain is one of the many features we offer that make our part of rural Maine unique. We love it here, but we love it that much more when we have an active, operational ski mountain in our backyard!

So dust off the skis and boards, it is almost time to ride the lift and make our way down our mountain, the most beautiful place on earth.

Keeping the Dream Alive,

Friends of Squaw Mountain

Tax deductible contributions can be sent to

Friends of Squaw
PO Box 307
Greenville Jct, ME 04442
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