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Big Squaw Ski Resort

Big Squaw Mountain

About Us

The Friends of Squaw Mountain is a 503C nonprofit started by a group of hard working Mainers in 2012 with the goal of awakening a sleeping beauty, Squaw Mountain Ski Area. Squaw had been closed since the end of the 2009-2010 ski season due to financial difficulties. This closure greatly affected the local economy. In early 2012, The Friends of Squaw Mountain began their work, hoping to save their beloved backyard mountain. Local businesses have contributed a great deal to aid in this endeavor. Support has spread beyond the bounds of Greenville Junction, and businesses throughout New England have come to our aid, donating everything from firewood to credit card terminals. It is amazing what can happen when people join forces to accomplish such an incredible goal.

Think you can help? Whether contributing skills, knowledge, financial assistance, or simply words of encouragement, we would love for you to shoot us an email via the Contact Us page.

Mission Statement

The Friends of Squaw Mountain became a non profit corporation with the goal of sharing the Squaw Mountain experience that has been celebrated and loved by many. Squaw is a community mountain for youth and families to ski & ride affordably, as well as learn to ski, ride & race. We embrace the history that once was, while working together to make the future of our mountain a resort for the family. We look forward to skiing the view with you.